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Journal Writers


Given that members kept submitting their deviations to the wrong Folders and ignoring the Notes that were sent to them asking them to submit their images to the right ones, we've decided to review all of the submissions before they get accepted in the Group.

:bulletblue: The deviations sent to the wrong folders will be declined. Please pay attention to the folder you're sending your images to first, guys! :bulletblue:


The Cosplay pictures correspond on the COSPLAY Folder. There were a lot of pictures on the characters folders. They were moved to the correct one, but please make sure you're submitting your deviations to the correct Folders before hitting the button!

:bulletred: ON ANOTHER NOTE...

We now have an official chatroom. Connect with other AnE fans on the official AnEGroup chatroom!…

:bulletgreen: DISCLAIMER:

This is a 100% open group, we accept everyone who joins, we mostly accept everything ANE related, no matter the quality, the expertise, etc, we accept all OCs artwork, cosplays, etc, but we don't like haters and drama. If you don't like something, please state it politely to me,

Thanks for visiting and enjoy!
Thank you for your participation in actually typing out the answer.

Now that we have the ability for a poll I have moved it there so please feel free to transfer yours votes there. :)

Thank you in advance for that! :heart: I really appreciate all of it.

Thank you for also giving your opinions with your answers! It really helps to make my job easier. ^^
:new: WE ARE 700 POINTS AWAY! ;.;
I am excited to let you all know that within the hour we may possibly be a super group!
Hey everyone sorry for all the spam today

I am working on going through all of the gallery folders and making sure everything is in the right section.

From this point on PLEASE submit to the right section

If you have an OC picture ONLY post it in the OC folder or OC/Canon Paring (If your OC is paired with another OC then it belongs in just the OC section)
If you are posting a cosplay pic PLEASE only post it in the cosplay folder not the characters folder

If what you post is writing then ONLY put it in the Literature folder!

All parings that are canon characters go in the Parings folder

There is still a lot I have to go through so please be patient I have already put 3 hours into this >.<

I hope to help make this group even better so please spread the word and invite your friends =) <3
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